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The PowerBlock+ system is a solid method of construction with amazing acoustic and thermal insulation benefits – helping to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Offering incredible design flexibility due to its capacity to be shaped and routed for added aesthetic appeal, PowerBlock+ is available in a range of sizes and is versatile enough to be used for loadbearing external walls up to 3 storeys, non-loadbearing interior walls and bathroom hobs and spas.

With over one and a half times the thermal resistance of double brick, superior acoustic performance and being non-combustible, Hebel PowerBlock+ systems satisfy Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements and is a great choice for building your home.


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Design & Installation Guide


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PowerBlock+ Sizing

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PowerBlock+ Accessories

Hebel Adhesive

20kg Bag

Hebel Patch

10kg Bag

Hebel Mortar

20kg Bag


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