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No matter what the application from the basement right through to the penthouse, we have a comprehensive walling solution to meet the demands of any project.

Rediwall® pvc system’s extruded components simply snap or slide together to create a concrete formwork erected with maximum efficiency. Rediwall® requires almost no machinery-aided installation. In fact, installations can be undertaken without the need for any detailed training. And with its high quality semi-gloss finish it requires

no additional finishing for most applications.

Suitable as a tough load bearing solution for building subterranean structures such as basements and retention tanks, it can also be utilized for above ground applications such as party walls, columns and retaining walls, making it a truly versatile solution.

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AFS Installation Guide



Assembly begins with laying a floor track or angle, typically fastened to the slab or footing with masonry anchors or nail gun.


Rediwall® requires temporary support for lateral stability during the concrete core fill.

Core Filling

With the panels completed and braced, core filling can commence (typically using a boom pump).

A perfect finish

Smooth and clean, a rediwall® surface needs no further finishing but can be rendered or painted as required.



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Basement Walls
Blade Walls
Party Walls
Retention Tanks
Retaining Walls
Landscaping Walls
Planter Boxes
Foundation Walls
Service & Stormwater Pits



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